Hopice at The Views


This is the heart of hospice care.

At the Comox Valley Hospice Society, we understand that the way we care for and support people who are dying and their families is a measure of our society. We know that most people would prefer to spend their final days at home in familiar surroundings with their friends and families around them. We also know that many people who currently die in hospital could, with proper support, die at home. There are others, who for various reasons cannot or do not wish to die at home. It is imperative that our community, like many others around the province, provide the option of access to the more peaceful surroundings of a residential hospice rather than an acute care hospital.

A residential hospice is not a hospital. It is a place between a hospital and a home with a very home like environment. It is a place where living each day to the fullest is the focus.

Project Update

In November, 2014, Island Health announced operational funding for a residential hospice to care for people in our community. An innovative partnership between St. Joseph’s General Hospital & Foundation, The Views at SJGH, Comox Valley Hospice Society and Island Health has developed a space to make this dream a reality!

Through a renovation of two 4 bed ward rooms, 4 private rooms and baths to provide hospice care have been created. The additionnal space will accommodate a warm and inviting family space and the necessary space for the care team. The separate entrance will provide easy around the clock access for family members and loved ones. A lovely outdoor deck accessible from all rooms will ensure a connection with fresh air and nature.
Most importantly, people will be cared for specially trained staff to meet the medical, emotional and spiritual needs of the person who is dying, their family members and loved ones. And, people and their families will benefit from additional support from compassionate hospice volunteers.

We invite each of you to become part of our dream by keeping informed, promoting this project in the community and encouraging charitable donations to support the important psycho-social support. As an individual or business, you can also help by talking about this project with your family, friends and colleagues or by organizing a fundraiser or project to support this effort. For more information about specific types of donations click here. For answers to Frequently Asked Questions related to the residential hospice project click here.

A few short months ago, we all watched with anticipation as the site preparation and construction of the new residential hospice began.  Now, we are close to construction completion and the arrival of furnishings and equipment.  During all of these months, the partners in care (staffs of The Views, Comox Valley Hospice Society, St. Joseph’s General Hospital and Island Health) have joined with community physicians and families to explore how we can provide the care we would all want for ourselves or our loved ones during these most tender of times.
Care in residential hospice will be one more option to the hospice care already provided in homes, hospital or other facilities and supported by family members, friends, volunteers and professionals in the community.  This is exciting indeed!

Hospice at The Views is now open and welcomed its first patient July 27th. Click here to read more about Hospice at The Views. If you didn’t have a chance to see Hospice at The Views before patients were admitted, take a look at this video.  This community can be very proud of working so hard to make the option of compassionate residential hospice care for people in the Comox Valley a reality!