Our Mission and Values

Comox Valley Hospice Society is a non-profit society dedicated to the promotion of a coordinated interdisciplinary program of hospice palliative care in the Comox Valley.  Our mandate is to provide compassionate care and support to individuals in the last stages of living and to their families and the bereaved.


We believe that each of us has the right to die pain-free and with dignity, and that our families will receive the necessary support to allow us to do so.  This spirit governs relationships among clients, families, staff, volunteers and those with whom we serve from the community.

Client focused Care and Service - the client is the centre of all activities and is entitled to individualized, compassionate quality care and service.

Personal Autonomy and Choice - we believe that individuals retain their rights to personal autonomy and choice, informed consent and established standards of care.  It is understood that personal autonomy includes respect for the rights and safety of others.

Excellence and Innovation in Care and Service - we strive for excellence in care and innovation in programming.

Collaboration and Team Work - we believe that through collaborative interdisciplinary team process we continue to achieve the highest quality of care in all activities.

Trust, Honesty and Integrity - we believe that these are the values that guide our interactions with our clients, families, employees and volunteers.

Responsible Resource Management - we believe that effective and efficient use of available resources ensures that the Society’s tradition of providing excellence in care will be sustained from the present into the future.


At some time, in some way, we must all face the end of life. And most of us share a common hope, that when death comes to us or a loved one, it will be peaceful and free of pain. We hope to face death surrounded by those we love, feeling safe, comfortable and cared for. This is the goal of the Comox Valley Hospice Society.

The goals of the Comox Valley Hospice Society are four-fold:

  1. To ensure that the terminally ill have full access to quality end of life care in our community.

  2. To provide support to family members and caregivers as they care for their loved ones and come to terms with their impending loss.

  3. To assist the bereaved as they strive to go on living.

  4. To educate and inspire Comox Valley residents to fully appreciate those individuals and families who are experiencing end of life transitions.




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