Regardless or circumstances, hope is essential to every human being.  Deep down inside, all people are the same.  We all face challenges in life and difficulties that may seem overwhelming.  Yet, at any moment, we always have the ability to choose the direction our heart and mind will go.  We can choose blame or courage, anger or forgiveness, worry or faith, hope or despair.

When a person receives the diagnosis of a life threatening illness, this hope may vanish.  There may be a loss of hope for personal dreams and future possibilities.

Often, people struggling to come to terms with their own mortality have a need for hope and for finding meaning and purpose in their life.  Even when the hope of recovery is removed, there can still be time for farewells and reconciliations.  There can still be time to find peace within one’s self.  Hope may shift to the seemingly smaller things- comfort, joy, peace, friendship or love.

Hope is the guiding lantern that leads us out of the darkness of the forest and into the clearing.