Care Team

Supportive relationships between the person who is ill and those who care for them are essential to all hospice care.  This circle of support often consists of family, friends, neighbours, church family or community groups.

As a disease progresses, there often comes a time when additional help is needed.   A specialized care team that includes hospital and community medical staff, a palliative physician consultant, home support workers, Comox Valley Hospice Society staff and volunteers is available to offer additional support.   Everyone on the team is trained to provide compassionate and sensitive care with an emphasis on pain and symptom management, as well as practical, emotional, spiritual, educational support and advocacy for the person receiving care and their families. For a downloadable copy of the Comox Valley End of Life Care Resource Brochure click here.

In conjunction with the person and their family, the care team helps to develop a plan of care and identifies choices for care, medical equipment, tests, procedures, medications and resources.  Decisions are made based on the individual’s needs and desires with the realization that something more can always be done to bring comfort and dignity to those who are suffering.

Volunteers are an essential part of the care team.  Hospice volunteers receive specialized training and supervision to provide patients and families with the highest quality of care.  Volunteers bring the gift of time, presence and compassion that patients and families find so valuable.


Image: Musician performs comforting bedside music


“My family could not believe this kind of wonderful support was even possible.”